Drive revenue by selling in Amazon Web Services Marketplace China



To register as a seller, you can use an existing Amazon Web Services account or create a new account. All Amazon Web Services Marketplace China interactions are tied to the account that you choose.

  • You must be a business entity registered in mainland China and have a valid Amazon Web Services China account.

  • You must be an Amazon Web Services China customer in good standing and meet the requirements in the terms and conditions for Amazon Web Services Marketplace China sellers.

  • Your Marketplace Content must be publicly available production-ready software or other content. It cannot be a beta version.

  • You must provide a way to keep Marketplace Content regularly updated and free of known vulnerabilities.



Build up your solution based on the delivery method and pricing option Amazon Web Services Marketplace support:

  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for single instance solutions deployed directly on an EC2 instance inside the customer's VPC.
  • CloudFormation stacks for clustered and highly-available implementations deployed on a collection of Amazon Web Services China resources.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) with self-managed Amazon Web Services infrastructure shared with customers.



Grow demand for your listed solution in Amazon Web Services Marketplace China by reaching, engaging, and converting your prospective buyers.

  • Bring more traffic to your product by adding your Amazon Web Services Marketplace product detail page into your marketing content.
  • Scale your growth by leveraging GTM investments, resources and Amazon Web Services-led marketing events such as Awesome Day and Summit.

Amazon Web Services Marketplace China Seller Guide

Read this guide to help understand the end-to-end seller registration and onboarding process in Amazon Web Services Marketplace China.

Benefits of selling in Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Easy Software Delivery

Deliver your software as an easy-to-build AMI, CloudFormation or SaaS, and take advantage of quick deployment options. Enable customers to deploy your software in minutes.

Multiple pricing options

See the way your customers need to buy. Amazon Web Services Marketplace supports pay-as-you-go and long-term commitment plans.  

In-depth guidance

Amazon Web Services Marketplace China provides an in-depth guidance to help reach out to your customers.