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Sold by: 上海英方软件股份有限公司 Latest Version: 7.1.72_fixed

Product Overview

i2CDP (Continuous Data Protection) replicates the changed data to the disaster recovery server in real time and records the changes in the data in the form of a log. In the event of a system failure, based on the data change log, quickly locate the point in time that needs to be restored, and ensure data security and business continuity before the data is restored to the abnormal point with one click. Product features: (1) Flexible protection strategies. Flexibly set the time frame and storage space required for data protection, automatically merge and delete copies of historical data, and balance the length of continuous data protection with disk space. Examples of configuration strategies: data for the past 1 week is recovered to any point in time within 7 days; data for the past 1 month is recovered to the last moment of every day within 30 days. (2) Byte-level replication and efficient transmission: i2CDP uses bytes as the smallest unit for data capture, greatly reducing the amount of data that needs to be copied; the serialized transmission method is far more efficient than traditional backup transmission in narrow bandwidth and offsite transmission scenarios; network speed limits can be set to ensure that bandwidth is prioritized to meet production systems and business applications. (3) True CDP, ensures that data is recovered at any point in time with an accuracy of one millionth of a second, records the data change process (including changes in attributes such as actual data, owner, permissions, etc.) in the form of a log, analyzes and calculates the changed portion, and saves it in the CDP data protection area. When recovering, specify a point in time and target location to recover quickly and maintain business continuity. (4) Independent research and development, meets the localization trend and is fully compatible with localized hardware servers, localized operating systems, and localized database systems. (5) Cross-platform, independent of hardware and software environments. i2CDP supports any combination and cross-platform deployment of physical machines and virtual machines, such as Linux or Windows platforms; it supports deployment between physical machines, heterogeneous virtualization platforms, and heterogeneous cloud platforms to achieve any continuous data protection (P2V, P2P, V2P, V2V). (6) An easy-to-operate graphical management page to customize continuous data protection policies; during recovery, select any point on the data change timeline to quickly locate and recover.




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Linux/Unix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6

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