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Sentieon Genomic Software Suite

Sentieon Genomic Software Suite

Sold by: 翼健(上海)信息科技有限公司 Latest Version: sentieon-genomics-202207

Product Overview

Sentieon provides a software-only solution for complete secondary analysis, from comparison to variant detection. Sentieon software faithfully implemented the mathematical model of the BWA/GATK/Mutect2 gold standard. Under the premise of ensuring that the results fully match the gold standard, the operating efficiency of the software increased by more than 10 times. Currently, Sentieon is suitable for data generated by Illumina or BGI/MGI sequencers.
Since Sentieon officially launched software products in 2015, it has won first place in international student credit contests many times. It has been extensively tested and approved by hundreds of companies and research institutes, including:
• Many of the world's largest multinational pharmaceutical companies, sequencing service providers, molecular diagnostics companies.
• Hospitals and medical research institutions, including the Orien project led by 15 major US hospitals and pharmaceutical companies
• Government agencies: including the US Drug Administration, National Health Service, etc.
• Schools and scientific research institutions: including universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Cornell in the US, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sun Yat-sen University, etc.
Application scenarios include:
• Population cohort sequencing, including large sample volume whole genome sequencing and population cohort projects,
• Genetic disease diagnosis: such as clinical whole-genome/exonome/panel sequencing,
• Tumor diagnosis, such as accurate detection of tumor gene variants from frozen, FFPE, or blood samples,
• Agricultural genomics, such as analysis of samples of animals and plants containing very large genomes or complex chromosomes.
Up to now, Sentieon has been tested on 40 PB of data, millions of samples, totaling more than 80 million cores, and has been quoted many times in publications including NEJM, Cell, Nature, etc.



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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2

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