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Sold by: Bespin Global China Latest Version: 2.1.14

Product Overview

OpsNow Private is an intelligent cloud management platform independently developed by Bespin Global. Empower your enterprise with technology through intelligent operation and maintenance, help you easily control cloud IT, and become a leader in digital transformation.

Unlike the traditional single CMDB model, OpsNow Private uses a service tree as the core concept to establish close linkage relationships between business, organizational structure, costs, resources and data through the service tree, which enables enterprises to efficiently use hybrid IT resources, save costs, shorten troubleshooting incidents, speed up operation and maintenance efficiency, and provide business decision makers with visibility to the cloud.

The 2.0 version of OpsNow Private has 6 major usage modules including portals, resources, billing, applications, monitoring, and events
Service portal: OpsNow Private management portal with integrated display and subscription account management functions. It can display resource overview, billing overview, alarm overview, and event overview, as well as organization information and service tree information. In the Cloud Account Management section, you can manage the addition and deletion of cloud accounts and query subscription information.
Resource management: resource display and operation module. Integrate hybrid resources such as public clouds, private clouds, IDC, etc., and display computing, storage, database, and network resources in multiple dimensions through a dashboard. It supports the functions of detailed performance viewing, resource operation, resource creation, and resource collection.
Billing management: Provides billing data display, cost allocation, and cost optimization functions for cloud commercial resources. It can clearly show bill trends (daily, monthly, semi-annual, and annual), proportion, and type TOP analysis through charts; it provides detailed cost queries and customized report queries according to cloud brand, cloud product type, business, and cost center dimensions. It also provides cost optimization methods for reporting low resource usage, and other cost optimization methods are gradually being opened up.
Application management: It is a channel for the rapid opening of resources, and provides requests for permissions, operations, etc.
Monitoring and management: Provides current alarm data and historical alarm analysis, has a large monitoring screen, business monitoring charts, and various display methods of business relationship topology, and can generate alarms and events with one click.
Event management: It is a module for integrated event management and viewing. It can create new events, view tasks, and search events. Through this module, you can quickly view unresolved incidents, track the progress of the incident, resolve the incident quickly, and evaluate how long the incident has been working. Rational application of the event module can help enterprises streamline relevant work processes, speed up processing, and achieve standardized management.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, CentOS 7.5

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