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Sold by: 北京焱融科技有限公司 Latest Version: V6.6.3_fixed

Product Overview

High cluster performance
YrCloudFile parallel file storage software uses a scale-out architecture. Both data nodes and metadata nodes can be expanded as needed. As the number of nodes increases, both storage capacity and storage performance grow linearly. Additionally, data flows directly from the storage node to the application without any redirection through an intermediate server or additional network link.
Architectural flexibility
For different data types for different applications, YrCloudFile can flexibly build your storage cluster with independently expandable data and metadata nodes.
The YrCloudFile storage solution adapts to dynamically changing workloads and increasing demands. Its horizontal scalability essentially expands storage workloads, reduces the impact of hot spots, and increases capacity and performance.
Customers can configure the appropriate storage media and network resources for each node according to actual conditions to meet current and future requirements.
Wide applicability
YrCloudFile provides a Linux client that provides unrivaled performance for Linux clusters of all sizes. Capable of meeting the requirements of thousands of high-performance Linux computing clusters such as manufacturing, life sciences, media and entertainment, education, government, energy, and the public sector.
The YrCloudFile Windows client can achieve 3 times the IO performance of SMB compared to industry-standard SMB protocols under the same configuration and network conditions.
Container Storage Interface (CSI) support is another highlight of YrCloudFile, providing stable and reliable container storage services for large-scale Kubernetes cluster environments.
Low overall cost of ownership
YrCloudFile parallel file storage software, software and hardware are fully decoupled. You can use a standard X86 server and make use of the latest server technology; you can also choose a public cloud cloud server without the high cost of customized hardware.
YrCloudFile's intelligent tiering technology customizes hot and cold data strategies to migrate cold data to low-cost object storage. The data flow is unaware of the application.
In addition, features such as simplified management and support for a wide range of workloads can also effectively reduce the total cost of ownership of storage.
Excellent technical support.
Unlike open source storage solutions, Yan Rong Tech provides high-quality technical support services that can resolve issues within minutes to hours with just one phone call, rather than days or weeks.



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Linux/Unix, CentOS CentOS 7.7

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