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Apache APISIX on APISEVEN Platform

Apache APISIX on APISEVEN Platform

Sold by: 深圳支流科技有限公司 Latest Version: v2.14.1-fixed

Product Overview

Apache APISIX consists of three parts: the data plane, the control plane, and the smart side.
Data side: Using Lua and Nginx to dynamically control request traffic, various traffic processing and distribution functions are implemented through plug-in mechanisms: throttling, logging, security detection, fault injection, etc. At the same time, users can write custom plug-ins to expand the data surface.
Control side: etcd is used to store and synchronize the configuration data of the gateway. The administrator can notify all data plane nodes within milliseconds through the admin API or dashboard. At the same time, the etcd cluster also ensures high availability of the system.
Intelligent side: Developers can use DAGs (directional circular maps) to organize plug-ins and analyze and process request traffic in real time through decision trees.

APISIX can help you process critical business traffic more securely and faster, including dynamic routing, dynamic upstream, dynamic certificates, A/B testing, canary publishing (grayscale release), blue-green deployment, throttling, blocking malicious attacks, monitoring alarms, service observability, service governance, etc.

APISIX has a complete and strong community and developer ecosystem. Through more than 40 existing plug-ins, you can link with many external systems such as Apache SkyWalking, Zipkin, etcd, Consul, Nacos, Eureka, Auth0, Okta, Prometheus, Datadog, etc. to process and analyze data.

In addition to this, APISIX also supports plug-in programming, automatically generates plug-in code through drag-and-drop on the interface, and provides a low-code API gateway based on this. So that roles such as product, operation, and security can also quickly iterate on products in the gateway.

Through the Apache APISIX distribution provided by, users can process traffic requests for all APIs and microservices on Amazon Web Services, saving maintenance and upgrade costs. provides commercial support and commercial products by subscription. For more information, please visit: []”



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2021_02_19

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