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Symantec Endpoint Protection CN

Symantec Endpoint Protection CN

Sold by: 上海华讯网络系统有限公司 Latest Version: 14.3_new

Product Overview

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) has best-in-class, multi-layered protection, and is fully capable of blocking all types of threats at the attacking endpoint. SEP integrates with existing security infrastructure, enabling a coordinated security response and rapid mitigation of security threats. A single, lightweight SEP agent not only performs excellently, but also has no impact on end user productivity, ensuring that enterprise employees can focus on completing their tasks. SEP enables security personnel to perform a variety of security use cases.

Core Features
• Antivirus: Scans and eradicates malware that reaches your system.
• Firewall and intrusion prevention: Block and control traffic before malware spreads to your computer.
• App and device control: control files, registry, device access and behavior analysis, whitelisting, blacklisting, etc.
• Powerful cleaner: This proactive cleaner can be triggered remotely to find advanced persistent threats and remove hard-to-clean malware.
• Host integrity: Ensure endpoints are properly protected and compliant through features such as enforcing policies, detecting unauthorized changes, conducting damage assessments, and isolating non-compliant endpoints.
• System lockdown: Allow whitelisted apps (known to be safe) or block blacklisted apps (known to be unsafe).

Uncharacteristic technology
• Advanced Machine Language (AML): Detects new and evolving threats ahead of time.
• Memory Exploit Mitigation: Block zero-day exploits in popular software.
• Behavior Monitoring: Monitor and block files with suspicious behavior.

Advanced features
• Global Intelligence Network (GIN): The world's premier threat intelligence network continuously collects threat information from 175 million endpoints and 57 million attack sensors spread across 157 countries around the world. This data is transmitted to thousands of experienced threat researchers, who have ripped the cocoon out of it to form unique insights and develop cutting-edge security innovations based on this to combat various threats.
• Reputation analysis: Determining the security of files and websites using artificial intelligence technology powered by GIN in the cloud.
• Emulator: Use a stripped-down sandbox to detect polymorphic malware hidden in custom packagers.
• Intelligent Threat Cloud's rapid scan feature uses advanced technologies such as pipelining, trust propagation, and batch querying, so all feature definitions do not need to be downloaded to the endpoint to maintain high efficiency. As a result, the endpoint only needs to download the latest threat information, so the signature definition file usage can be reduced by up to 70%, and bandwidth usage can be further reduced.
• Secure Web Gateway integration: A new programmable REST API enables SEP to integrate with existing security infrastructure such as the Secure Web Gateway to coordinate endpoint response measures and rapidly contain the spread of infections. This product is BYOL, if you need a license, please contact:




Operating System

Windows, Windows Server 2019 Base 2019

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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