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Qingteng Wanxiang · Workload Adaptive Security Platform

Qingteng Wanxiang · Workload Adaptive Security Platform

Sold by: 西云数据 Latest Version: V3.4.0.8

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

Through continuous monitoring and granular analysis of host information and behavior, Qingteng Wanxiang Host Adaptive Security Platform quickly and accurately detects security threats and intrusions, and provides flexible and efficient problem solving capabilities to provide users with next-generation security detection and response capabilities.

Qingteng Wanxiang's core platform architecture mainly consists of three parts: Agent, Engine, and Console. It provides basic, flexible, and stable core capability support for products and services:
Agent - The host probe agent can be installed on the host with only one command. It runs stably, consumes less, and automatically adapts to various physical machines, virtual machines, and cloud environments.
Engine - Safety Engine As the information processing center of the core platform, the engine supports horizontal expansion and distributed deployment, and can continuously analyze, detect, and store the information and behavior received from each agent.
Console - The control center interacts with users in the form of a web console, clearly displays the results of various security tests and analyses, provides centrally managed security tools, and facilitates users to perform related operations such as system configuration, management, and security response.

Product features:
Asset Inventory: Figure out the family background and position it quickly
The asset inventory function can automate the construction of fine-grained asset information according to user needs, and can perform a comprehensive inventory of host assets, application assets, web assets, etc., to ensure that users can grasp the status of all host assets in real time, including the web, systems, processes, ports, accounts, software applications, etc.

Risk discovery: understanding risks, continuous testing

The risk discovery function promptly detects web application vulnerabilities, weak passwords, risk files, error configurations, etc. through fine-grained analysis of potential risks and compliance issues within the system, generates analysis reports and gives detailed repair suggestions, so that security management can be clearly measured. Formulate reasonable security policies according to business needs and build a complete, customized security system.

Intrusion detection: find intrusions and respond quickly
By laying out characteristic anchors along the necessary path of hacking, analyzing hacker behavior based on behavioral patterns and key models, combined with the latest threat intelligence, intrusion behavior is detected as soon as possible to ensure that enterprise losses are minimized.

Compliance baseline: find issues and supervise rectification
The compliance baseline establishes a benchmark consisting of domestic insurance requirements and CIS requirements, covering multiple versions of mainstream operating systems, web applications, databases, etc. Users can quickly conduct a self-test of internal enterprise risks, find problems and fix them in a timely manner, and can also define their own baseline standards as a security benchmark for internal enterprise management.



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Linux/Unix, CentOS centos7.5

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