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Sold by: 北京云势数据科技有限责任公司 Latest Version: v2.1.7

Product Overview

云势数据 OptimizeNow Product Brief:
云势数据 OptimizeNow provides solutions to many cloud usage problems such as cost analysis, cost optimization, RI planning, and cost traceability. Appropriate Amazon Web Services services and optimization measures are recommended based on customer needs to achieve “one-click optimization” and “one-click savings”, which are easy to operate. For the problem of “unclear internal accounts”, 云势数据 can provide a clear “split account report” to reduce the trouble of internal accounts within the team and improve efficiency.
In addition, OptimizeNow also provides a powerful tool for departmental procurement decisions, enterprise IT operation efficiency assessment, and financial accounting expenses. Currently, hundreds of users have used it.

云势数据 OptimizeNow Product Vision:
Effectively help enterprises improve billing insight and reduce enterprise cloud usage and management costs.

Five reasons to use Cloud Potential Data OptimizeNow:

  1. Accurate Amazon Web Services Cost Analysis Tool: OptimizeNow provides nearly 20 different cost analysis methods, including tag cost analysis, traffic cost analysis, single instance cost analysis, spot cost analysis, etc., which allows you to clarify every cost on Amazon Web Services; OptimizeNow supports both DBR and CUR bills. The cost error between the OptimizeNow platform fee and the original Amazon Web Services bill is within ¥0.02
  2. A more reasonable split algorithm: If you ensure that the total cost after splitting is consistent with Amazon Web Services, you can distribute RI and traffic expenses reasonably to various cost centers or departments according to your expectations (the specific allocation dimensions can be customized); at the same time, it can support two-level organizational structure splitting (such as a “cost center+application” two-level split structure)
  3. Save money on Amazon Web Services: 20 built-in cost optimization algorithms to help you save 10% to 40% of your costs per year
  4. Fully automated cost management tools: You don't need to log in to OptimizeNow, and you will also receive emails or text messages automatically sent by the platform, such as split reports, daily reports, monthly reports, label omission detection, RI expiration reminders, etc. The automated method allows you to keep abreast of Amazon Web Services costs and resources at any time without logging in
  5. Continuous product iteration: OptimizeNow products are always being iteratively updated. If you have good requirements or suggestions that meet the OptimizeNow product positioning, 云势数据 will be happy to add your requirements to OptimizeNow products




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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2019_01

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