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Sold by: 杭州网银互联科技股份有限公司 Latest Version: v4.3.0

Product Overview

LinkWAN vCPE is a LinkWAN client-side edge access device. LinkWAN vCPE can be flexibly deployed in various infrastructures, such as various cloud servers, X86 physical servers, and software and hardware platforms embedded in IOT devices. LinkWAN supports rich network characteristics and has various network functions in SD-WAN networking, SaaS acceleration, etc. Through LinkWAN vCPE, combined with LinkGAIA, users can easily solve networking problems in various SD-WAN scenarios.
1. Supports enterprise branch network interconnection, and logical topologies such as Full-Mesh, Hup-Spoke, Partial-Mesh can be realized without changing the physical topology of the network;
2. Supports mobile access. Compared with traditional SSL VPN access, LinkWAN is based on the distributed idea of cloud computing, based on the customer's physical region and nearby access to LinkWAN POP points, which greatly satisfies the requirements of low latency and high reliability network connectivity, ensures that customers can enjoy the connection guarantee brought by a high-quality network anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the configuration is greatly simplified. Whether it is a gateway administrator or terminal access user, there is no need to worry about or configure complex product parameters. While experiencing high-quality network access, LinkWAN also simplifies man-machine operation input, which is truly easy to use. The dual attributes of use and convenience.
3. Support cloud-based SaaS acceleration. LinkWAN vCPE can be seamlessly deployed on cloud servers of global public cloud vendors. By integrating LinkWAN vCPE on cloud servers, enterprises can easily access LinkWAN's global acceleration backbone network, thereby achieving accelerated access to cloud resources and cloud SaaS applications.



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Linux/Unix, Other 19.07

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