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Hillstone CloudEdge

Sold by: 北京山石网科信息技术有限公司 Latest Version: 5.5R6P6

Product Overview

CloudEdge is a virtualized network security product specially designed for cloud computing environments. It has most of the network services common to Hillstone's hardware-based devices, and is an ideal solution for protecting network resources within Amazon Web Services. It provides Amazon Web Services users with enhanced access control, virtual private networks (VPNs), L2-L7 attack protection, server load balancing, and more. By adding a virtual firewall, Hillstone provides the ability to deploy hardware and virtual appliances for hybrid operations, providing more choice and flexibility.
Main features:

  • Fine-grained application control: It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk apps.
  • Access control for VPCs: Virtual private clouds provide logical security boundaries to protect virtual data centers. Deployed at the entrance to the VPC, CloudEdge provides each tenant with independent management, control, and protection.
  • Data transfer via VPN: The CloudEdge VPN feature secures data transmission between a VPC or VPC and its associated corporate networks.
  • Easy deployment and management: CloudEdge can be easily modified or instantiated from a template to address the highly dynamic change operations of virtual machines and virtual environments.
  • Multi-tenant support: Supports tenant-specific configurations and security policies for maximum control and protection.
  • Switch between VM01/02/04 according to the license. It supports 2-4 core EC2 instances and provides high performance.
  • In 5.5R6, VM01 supports up to 100,000 concurrent sessions, up to 100 IPSec VPN tunnels and up to 100 SSL VPN users; VM02 supports up to 500k concurrent sessions, up to 500 IPSec VPN tunnels, and up to 500 SSL VPN users; VM04 supports up to 5M concurrent sessions, up to 10,000 IPSec VPN tunnels, and up to 2,000 SSL VPN users.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Other 5.5R6P6

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