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Denodo Platform 8.0 (BYOL)

Sold by: 西云数据 Latest Version: v8.0.202008061

Product Overview

The Denodo platform on the Amazon Web Services cloud integrates all of your Amazon Web Services data sources — Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, RDS, EMR, Amazon S3, etc. — and your SaaS applications such as Salesforce to deliver standards-based data gateways, making it run quickly and efficiently. Users of all skill levels can easily access and use your cloud-hosted data. Denodos's easy-to-use tools enable data engineers and integrators to quickly prepare integrated data sets for analysts to use in an Amazon Web Services-based analysis sandbox, while the Denodos Dynamic Data Catalog allows data managers to tag and categorize data assets for easy discovery. The Denodo platform provides accelerated performance by utilizing MPP processing from Spark, Impala, and Presto in big data scenarios, and supports various use cases in the cloud, such as BI reports, logical data warehouses, data lake, and data science projects.



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Operating System

Windows, Windows Server 2012 2012

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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