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MoreSec SentryCloud (Intelligent Asset Risk Monitoring System)

MoreSec SentryCloud (Intelligent Asset Risk Monitoring System)

Sold by: 杭州默安科技有限公司 Latest Version: V.2.9.0

Product Overview

SentryCloud is an intelligent asset risk monitoring system independently developed by MoreSec. It helps enterprises discover unknown assets, automate the operation and maintenance of IT assets and risks from the perspective of attackers. It automatically, quickly and accurately detects unknown assets and vulnerabilities in all assets of the enterprise based on the enterprise's known assets, comprehensively analyzes the business/service/application, data, etc. disclosed by the enterprise, monitors changes in services and assets exposed by the enterprise in real time, and continuously monitors enterprise security from multiple dimensions such as vulnerability detection, compliance testing, and external threat intelligence analysis. The security risks discovered are SMS and email as soon as they are discovered. Inform relevant managers in other ways to help enterprises manage IT assets and asset security risks faster, more comprehensively, and more intelligently.
Through 7*24 hour round-the-clock monitoring, timely emergency response to the latest security breaches helps enterprises quantify threats in real time and establish normalized safe operations. Currently, the product has been successfully applied in energy, operators, logistics and other industries.




Operating System

Linux/Unix, CentOS 7.5.1804

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