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Hillstone Virtual-Web Application Firewall(SG-6000-W)

Hillstone Virtual-Web Application Firewall(SG-6000-W)

Sold by: 西云数据 Latest Version: 5.5R6-2.5

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

The Hillstone Virtual-Web Application Firewall is a virtualized network security product specially designed for cloud computing environments. It has most of the network services common to Hillstone hardware-based devices, and is an ideal solution for protecting web resources within Amazon Web Services. It provides Amazon Web Services users with professional application-layer in-depth defense for websites and web application systems, helps users meet the construction requirements of policies and regulations such as the Cybersecurity Law and Information Security Level Protection, and enhances the security and robustness of the Web business system.
Main features:
Mitigation and elimination of OWASP TOP10 risks that have the most serious impact on web business
Access control for VPCs: Virtual private clouds provide logical security boundaries to protect virtual web data centers.
Easy deployment and management: vWAF can be easily modified or instantiated from a template to address highly dynamic changes to virtual machines and virtual environments.
Multi-tenant support: Supports tenant-specific website configurations and security policies for maximum control and protection.
Switch between WV02/04 according to the license. It supports 2-4 core EC2 instances and provides high performance.



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Linux/Unix, Other 5.5R6-2.5

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