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Lanying IM Server - Private Cloud(Free)

Lanying IM Server - Private Cloud(Free)

Sold by: 北京美信拓扑科技有限公司 Latest Version: v1.0

Product Overview

Lanying IM is committed to providing enterprises and developers with professional instant messaging technology, developing friendly SDK APIs and extremely optimized binary protocols, so that Lanying IM SDK not only saves power and traffic, but also greatly increases the speed of developers' app development. If you choose Lanying IM, you can enable the multi-cloud instant messaging cloud service with a single click. From a public cloud with tens of millions of long-running users to a stand-alone private cloud that can be installed and deployed in ten minutes, a unified technology stack and SDK are used to ensure that the future development of the enterprise is worry-free. For more information about Lanying products, please visit the official website

IM chat supports voice, pictures, custom messages. Messages are stored in the cloud and can be synced across multiple devices. Open platform architecture, convenient to support service expansion.
Supports a variety of business scenarios: online customer service, live streaming, online education, APP social networking, and collaborative work.
Fast integration, simple and professional: professional instant messaging, scan code to try, 1 hour integration, a must for startups.
Low prices in the industry: The extremely optimized high performance service guarantees a high cost performance ratio, use as needed, and the pricing is smooth without skipping the bar.
Fast integration: The cross-platform SDK Floo, a clean and beautiful API, makes integration very simple.
Efficient and reliable: A newly designed binary communication protocol with low traffic and low latency ensures reliable and orderly delivery of messages.
Stable and robust: Tens of millions of levels of concurrency, stable service, and SLA availability can reach 99.99%.
One-click activation, multi-cloud architecture: the console operates independently, choose a trusted cloud service provider, and switch between public clouds, private clouds, and private clouds without worry.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 18.04

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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