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Nington AM7

Sold by: 宁盾 Latest Version: V7.3.2

Product Overview

Nington AM7 is committed to providing enterprises with unified identity authentication and identity management based on "people" and "end" to ensure that users get the right resource access rights at the right time. As a next-generation IAM solution, it uses full-scenario and standardization to help enterprises meet the identity security management challenges brought about by hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures, mobile office scenarios, Internet of Things technology, and localized innovation, solve the management and security issues of enterprise user identity, terminals, and applications, and meet the sustainable identity management needs of enterprises at different stages and sizes.
Build a new IAM system for innovative technology enterprises to solve identity security management problems in one stop with light development, light operation and maintenance. Extend the capabilities of AD in new technology scenarios for medium to large enterprises/AD users, so that AD can be used better. It provides unified login management for Xinchuang customers, such as domestic operating systems of government units, is compatible with Microsoft AD, seamlessly connects business systems, and performs compliance inspection and access control on terminals. As a next-generation agile identity and access management infrastructure, Ning Dun AM7 is committed to becoming an enabler of enterprise digital transformation and zero trust security. Nington AM7 supports rich scenarios and flexible connections, reducing development investment in the enterprise identity standard construction process; the operation interface is more friendly, making it easy for enterprise IT staff to get started quickly; using standardized products to lower the threshold for enterprises to implement IAM and shorten delivery cycles; manage more scenarios to save security investment costs; reduce the workload of operation and maintenance personnel through self-service functions; optimize user operation processes and enhance user experience.



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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux AMAZON LINUX 2

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