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Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform - BYOL

Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform - BYOL

Sold by: 北京天维信通科技有限公司 Latest Version: 20221031

Product Overview

The Aviatrix Secure Network Platform consists of two components: the Aviatrix Controller (this AMI); and the Aviatrix Gateway deployed in a VPC using your Amazon Web Services IAM role. The Aviatrix controller manages the gateway and coordinates all connections.

Use the Controller console to quickly build use-case-driven solutions for:
1) Multi-cloud transportation networks connect data centers to the cloud
2) IPsec VPN connects branch offices and partner sites
3) Multi-cloud and multi-region cryptographic peer-to-peer

Additional benefits:
->Fully automated using REST API and Terraform.
->Built-In Troubleshooting Features with Packet Capture, Traceroute, and Span Ports
->Overcoming Amazon Web Services Route Entry Limits and Overlapping IP Addresses
-> EC2 FlightPath tool for day-to-day connectivity troubleshooting, eliminating the trouble of repeatedly logging in to multiple Amazon Web Services accounts and pages
-> VPC tracker to simplify the management pressure of network CIDR lists
-> Integrate with Amazon Web Services infrastructure to automatically discover and program route tables



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 18.04

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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