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Data MAX

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Product Overview

• Pre-styled component packages: provide rich visual design components, including commonly used data charts, graphics, controls, and map components with 3D effects;
• Provide a variety of theme templates: supports business scenarios including command centers, business boards, debriefing presentations, etc., can select suitable templates according to different business needs, and also supports users to freely customize styles and styles;
• Multiple data source access: supports access to heterogeneous data sources, various chart components comprehensively display business data, and real-time data updates can be achieved through linkage with databases;
• Interactive real-time data display: supports interactive methods such as pop-ups, redirects, and large screen rotation, and enables users to display data visualization charts through more flexible modes;
• Multi-terminal support: Compatible with various terminal carriers such as large screens, TVs, PCs, etc., and can adapt according to the screen resolution of different terminals;
• Flexible permission settings: supports the unified management of users, teams and public data sources by administrators. At the same time, they can manage large screens according to business needs, and assign corresponding visual screen usage rights to different roles in the enterprise;
• Continuous component customization service: According to the extension and needs of the data visualization business, the development team of Shuhuanxia continuously provides component expansion and customization support for enterprises. Enterprises can also expand the component storage library on their own according to developer documents to achieve richer and more cool visualizations;


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Linux/Unix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7

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