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DBSec DBController-EnCloud

Sold by: 安华金和 DBSEC Latest Version:

Product Overview

DBSEC Cloud Database Security Operation and Maintenance (DBController-enCloud for short) provides daily operation and maintenance security management services for cloud databases within the enterprise and for third-party operators and maintenance personnel.
This product makes up for the lack of database security operation and maintenance capabilities of ordinary operation and maintenance bastion machines. It not only monitors login access to the database, but also provides post-event tracking results and reports for the operation and content after login. It combines monitoring and accountability of database operation and maintenance, and avoids security risks of errors or malicious operations from internal and third party operators and maintenance personnel. At the same time, dynamic masking technology also provides an effective solution for real-time data sharing security.
Cloud database security operation and maintenance supports mainstream international database products such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, etc., and supports database services provided by cloud platforms and self-built databases. It can provide secure cloud database operation and maintenance capabilities without affecting the original performance of the database and without application modification.
This product is delivered as an image, and users can independently install it on their own cloud host. The product helps users achieve the following values:
1) Comply with the personal information protection requirements of the Cybersecurity Law
Help network operators meet the requirements of section 42 of the Cybersecurity Law relating to the protection of personal information.
Sensitive data is dynamically desensitized to ensure that personal information is used in compliance and not disclosed.
2) Prevent company insiders from leaking sensitive data
Set up a unique entrance for enterprise insiders to access the database, prevent insiders from viewing and downloading sensitive data in batches, and prevent internal sensitive data from leaking without affecting normal operation and maintenance work.
Cloud database security operation and maintenance is deployed as a reverse proxy for the database, and the real database address is not revealed to the outside world. All access to the database other than the application system must go through cloud database security operation and maintenance.
All users accessing the cloud database have to go through strict “screening” of the cloud database security operation and maintenance for their SQL operations, even if the identity for accessing the database is valid.
3) Prevent internal malicious operations and misoperations
Through built-in behavioral models and fine-grained rule control, dangerous manipulation of database structures and data by internal personnel is avoided, and large-scale data loss is prevented.
4) Help users analyze, investigate, and determine responsibility for data security incidents
It has the ability to audit operation and maintenance behavior in detail, and records all database operations completely and accurately.
Audit logs are kept for at least 6 months to meet the cybersecurity level protection log retention requirements.
When the product is deployed, it must be at least outside the system disk, and at least a 500G data disk is required to boot properly.
This product supports the BYOL method and comes with a 7-day free trial license. You can call the technical support hotline 400 923 1376 for help.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, CentOS release 6.10 (Final)

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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