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Sold by: 帆软软件有限公司 Latest Version: 10.0.19-fixed-1

Product Overview

FineReport is an enterprise-grade web reporting software product independently developed by Fansoft Software Co., Ltd. It is “professional, simple and flexible”. It only requires simple drag-and-drop operations to design complex Chinese-style reports, parameter search reports, fill-in reports, cockpits, etc., making it easy to build a data decision analysis system.
As the leading brand of reporting software in China, its market share is the highest in the industry, with users from all walks of life. According to user survey results, the high quality recognition of FineReport by users is mainly reflected in 5 aspects:
(1) Perfect functionality.
Fansoft is very aware of users' habits and needs, and is even more aware of the development of the reporting software industry. It can be called “the most grounded and most proficient in reporting”, and it really deserves its name in handling complex Chinese-style reports. Over the past 10 years, FineReport has always adhered to the principle of “only necessary functions, no redundancy”, concentrated on exploring user needs, did a good job of functional research, and only did mainstream inventions and innovations, such as zero-client printing, filing temporary storage, intelligent assistants, etc.
(2) Extremely low cost of study.
The cost of learning is low, the product is quick to get started, and the operation is simple and fast. In summary, “easy to learn, easy to use, easy to integrate”. To help users quickly and better grasp the use of products, Fansoft provides a variety of learning channels and materials, such as regular offline or online training, the Fansoft community, etc.; it also provides various channels for obtaining services, such as on-site support, QQ, phone, email, etc.
(3) Rich experience.
Fansoft has accumulated a large amount of industry application experience, has its own unique opinions on various industries, provides users with rich and practical information technology construction opinions, and provides a series of solutions and implementation plans from top to bottom, involving various topics such as strategy, operation, organization, finance, and marketing from the inside to the outside.
(4) Efficient service.
Fansoft has always adhered to the “timely, professional, thoughtful and meticulous” service spirit, established a complete after-sales and technical support system, and passed the ISO9001 international service quality system certification.
(5) Simple culture.
“Use an initial heart and mature wisdom to do eternal things”, every Fansoft person maintains the attitude of a newcomer, works hard, is good at learning, is not bothered by poor skills, and is not complacent because they are outstanding, and always welcome every day's work with an initial heart.



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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2019_01

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