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This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

The core product “Smartbi” of 广州思迈特软件有限公司 is an enterprise-level business intelligence application platform. After years of continuous development, it has gathered best practice experience in business intelligence and integrated the functional requirements of data analysis and decision support in various industries. Smartbi is in a leading position in the domestic BI field. Its products are widely used in 60+ industries such as finance, government, manufacturing, retail, real estate, etc., and have been recognized by 4000+ industry leading customers. Currently, it is the absolute leader in the high-end application market. 50% of Chinese companies in the 2021 Fortune 500 chose Smartbi; Smartbi has successfully covered 80% of the global Fortune 500 domestic banks. Smartbi provides a one-stop business intelligence and big data analysis function library, data warehouse and big data analysis platform for processing, analysis, mining and visual display; it meets the various big data analysis application needs of all users, such as enterprise reports, data visualization analysis, self-service exploratory analysis, data mining modeling, conversational analysis, etc.

  • Enterprise-level reporting: supports Excel and web-based spreadsheets, perfect for Chinese-style reporting requirements
  • Interactive dashboard: can visually display important data, help users better understand data relationships, and conduct highly interactive data exploration. Users only need to simply drag and drop data to generate visual analysis and interactive analysis: conversational analysis is based on natural language analysis NLA technology that has obtained many national invention patents, so that the analysis results can
  • run on the mind, just ask and answer questions and answers
  • Excel integration analysis: Exploration and analysis for Excel users, organically combines Excel and BI, and is specially developed for users who are used to Excel. It not only preserves Excel habits and advantages, but also solves problems such as Excel retrieval, performance, and sharing.
  • Data exploration: Ad hoc query and perspective analysis are the core functions that have accompanied the birth and development of BI. It enables detailed inventory queries of large amounts of data and automatic statistical analysis data mining such as Excel pivot tables
  • : a data science platform based on distributed computing, built-in 50+ rich algorithm components, and flexible model building to enable enterprise data mining, predictive analysis
  • ,
  • mobile applications: data can be monitored anytime and anywhere on mobile terminals to achieve efficient analysis and decision-making



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Linux/Unix, CentOS 7

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