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Alauda Container Platform

Sold by: 灵雀云 Latest Version: v3.6.1_updated

Product Overview

The platform embraces Cloud Native technology and integrates new technologies and ideas related to Docker containers, Kubernetes and Istio native architectures, DevOps, Operator, etc. in the form of sub-products (Container Platform, DevOps, Service Mesh) that can be flexibly combined and subscribed. It can realize the full life cycle platform-based management of business applications from development and testing to deployment, operation and maintenance, and governance, which can effectively help enterprises achieve digital transformation to enhance the IT delivery capabilities and competitiveness of enterprises.
As an enterprise-grade cloud-native container platform, it can serve enterprises of all sizes, support the management of infrastructure environments of various complexity (single machine or multiple heterogeneous data centers), department structures with clear organizational structures, and personnel teams.
The platform can meet the broad needs of enterprise-level applications gradually transitioning to containerization and microservices, and supports enterprises to establish a private cloud platform covering all internal and external links and organizational structures. Improve the utilization rate of enterprise IT resources, speed up application iteration, reduce application delivery costs, and realize intelligent operation and maintenance of business applications, thereby helping enterprises obtain core capabilities for continuous innovation.



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Operating System

Linux/Unix, CentOS centos7 2009(7.9)

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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