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Sansec Certficate Authorization

Sansec Certficate Authorization

Sold by: 北京三未信安科技发展有限公司 Latest Version: 4-1-0

Product Overview

Sansec Certficate Authorization system is a general security platform based on a series of relevant international security technology standards (IETF PKIX, ITU X.509, IETF LDAP, SSL/TLS, etc.) with public key infrastructure (PKI) as the core. The platform provides the application system with functions such as application, renewal, cancellation, and publication of digital certificates, and packages a standard digital certificate service interface downwards, provides various commercial cryptographic device connection interfaces, and provides comprehensive security services such as identity authentication, access control, data confidentiality and integrity for network applications. It can assist enterprise-level users to establish a flexible and versatile application security platform that complies with PKI standards.




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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2 AMI

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