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vMX Virtual Router (BYOL)

Sold by: 升洋科技 Latest Version: 21.1R1.11 

Product Overview

Juniper VMx is a versatile virtual router that runs on x86 based servers and supports a wide range of cloud, wired, mobile, and enterprise applications. VMx is based on Juniper's 15+ years of investment and experience in routing, and works closely with network function virtualization (NFV) organizations during development. Like the entire MX series products, the VMX control plane also uses the Junos operating system, and its forwarding plane uses vTrio. This programmable Junos Trio chipset microcode is optimized for execution in an x86 environment. With Junos and Trio, VMx provides advanced IP/MPLS routing and switching support to ensure agile and efficient delivery of the widest range of applications and services.
vMX eliminates the costs, complexity, and delays associated with the qualification, maintenance, and spare parts management of physical routing network elements, and supports rapid deployment and horizontal scaling of services. This is a critical success factor for expanding into niche markets and new regions. Importantly, these features help address ongoing issues related to laboratory equipment procurement and version certification.
vMX can launch new routing instances as needed, enabling customers to launch new services without disrupting existing services, so users can quickly deploy and expand services and improve service agility. This approach removes the risk, complexity, and delay of reconfiguring and certifying existing infrastructure for new services. Additionally, vMX provides a fine-grained licensing model for users whose usage is unpredictable, allowing them to buy only the capacity they need, thereby reducing the risk of running out of money.
VMx is operationally consistent with Mx series routers, which reduces the time and risk of certification and deployment. Existing MX series customers can use vMX to scale their networks horizontally without affecting operation and maintenance, and without staff training; similarly, customers can also use vMX to meet urgent needs, and then at some point in the future, use MX series routers to expand services vertically without interrupting operations. VMx and Mx series routers are consistent, compatible, and complementary from a virtual or physical perspective. Using the virtualization of the control plane and forwarding plane, vMX helps build the best network, improve return on investment, and simplify the network operating environment through its flexibility, multi-dimensional resource scalability, and service agility.



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