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About Kingdee

金蝶国际软件集团有限公司(「金蝶国际」或「金蝶」)始创于1993 年,是香港联交所主板上市公司(股票代码:0268),总部位于中国深圳。 以「致良知、走正道、行王道」为核心价值观,以全心全意为企业服务为使命,致力成为最值得托付的企业服务平台。 在中国企业云服务市场不断探索,金蝶不仅连续14年稳居成长型企业应用软件市场占有率第一、更连续2年在企业级SaaS云服务市场占有率排名第一。金蝶旗下的多款云服务产品亦为市场知名品牌,包括金蝶云•苍穹(面向大型集团型企业的云平台和云管理服务)、金蝶云•星空(中小成长型企业数字化创新及大型企业的创新业务板块发展)、金蝶精斗云(面向小微企业的一站式云服务平台)、云之家(移动办公平台)、管易云(电商行业云)及车商悦(汽车经销行业云)等。金蝶通过管理软件与云服务,已为世界范围内超过680万家企业、政府等组织提供服务。Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited (“Kingdee International” or “Kingdee”) was established in 1993. Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 0268), it is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Adhering to the core values of “acting in all conscience, with integrity and righteousness”, the Company is committed to serving enterprises and strives to provide them with the most trustworthy services platform. With the continuous exploration of China's Enterprise Cloud services market, Kingdee has commanded the largest share in the ERP sector for fast-growing enterprises for 14 consecutive years, and have grasped the biggest share in enterprise-grade SaaS Cloud services industry for 2 consecutive years. Kingdee’s Cloud services and products are highly recognised in the market. They include Kingdee Cloud - Cosmic (Cloud platform and Cloud management services for large-sized enterprises), Kingdee Cloud - Galaxy (designed for fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises for their innovations based on digitalization and the development of innovative businesses by large-sized enterprises), Kingdee Jingdou Cloud (one-stop Cloud services platform for micro and small-sized enterprises), CloudHub (mobile office platform), Guanyi Cloud (Cloud services for E-commerce operators) and Cargeer (Cloud platform for automotive distribution industry). With its strengths in management software and Cloud services, Kingdee provides services and products to more than 6.8 million enterprises, government agencies and other organizations across the globe.