Branch and office connectivity/software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN)

Migration to the cloud and digital transformation can be complex for organizations. Branch and office connectivity/SD-WAN solutions offer high-performance, comprehensive security, and cloud choice with automation to ensure an always-on workspace.



Citrix SD-WAN is a WAN edge platform that provides robust performance and consistent application delivery to branch offices. Organizations migrating to the cloud can securely connect to integral resources with added resiliency that minimize outages and the resulting impact on day-to-day operations. Citrix SD-WAN can replace and/or consolidate expensive routing and security hardware, simplifying network management and reducing costs.

Citrix SD-WAN Standard Edition features include:

  • Intelligent traffic steering
  • Failover resiliency
  • Intelligent path selection by packet versus flow-based
  • WAN Edge Mode
  • Improved control for virtual desktops/applications and enterprise applications
  • Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) connectivity to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

How it works

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Interested in learning more?