Application profiling

Software development teams are looking for solutions to improve application performance and gain visibility. Application profiling solutions enable the discovery of resources, baseline application performance, and visualization of component interaction through flow maps built on real-time data.

These are just a few examples of migration discovery solutions. Scroll down or use the drop-down menu to learn more about each solution.

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  • Dynatrace
  • AppDynamics


Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify and accelerate digital transformation. With advanced observability and complete automation, Dynatrace provides answers, not just data, for performance of applications, underlying infrastructure, and user experience. Dynatrace’s AI-engine, Davis, runs continuous auto-discovery, automated distributed tracing, and dependency mapping to help organizations plan their migration projects and operate successfully, post-migration.

Dynatrace features include::

  • Continuous full-stack auto-discovery
  • Live dependency information derived from distributed tracing
  • Insights into end-to-end architecture, current user behavior, current resource utilization, and service level agreements (SLAs)/service level objectives (SLOs)
  • Application migration prioritization
  • Auto baselining to validate performance
  • Cloud architecture compliance verification and identification of adverse architectural patterns
  • Before-and-after automatic baselining comparison validates a successful migration

How it works

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AppDynamics Application and Business Performance Monitoring provides end-to-end monitoring of Amazon Web Services-based apps including microservices and Docker. It provides support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Lambda, and other services of Amazon Web Services via Amazon CloudWatch integration. This unified monitoring helps organizations accelerate and measure the success of cloud migration by comparing 'pre' and 'post' move benefits, validating performance across the entire application stack.

Here’s how it works: Agents sit across the entire application ecosystem and supporting infrastructure, notifying controllers of real-time performance. Agents send performance data to controllers, and application performance is visualized through the controller UI for easy analysis.

How it works

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