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Organizations require comprehensive security solutions to monitor and protect their workloads starting at development through production. Visibility solutions offer security for the entire lifecycle of your container-based and cloud-native applications.

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Trend Micro

Trend Micro Deep Security for Containers offers container insight and protection that scales across the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines. Trend Micro Deep Security prevents and detects intrusion and malicious changes with a broad set of security controls spanning the entire development pipeline.

Trend Micro Deep Security for Containers allows customers to:

  • Automate manual security processes that integrate into their CI/CD pipeline using APIs for pipeline management, deployment, monitoring and more.
  • Accelerate compliance and streamline audit evidence gathering with a single security tool that delivers intrusion prevention (IPS), application control, anti-malware, predictive machine learning, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and content filtering.
  • Receive host security with layered protection that ensures image integrity and secures the host from container breaches throughout your continuous delivery pipeline, from design to runtime.
  • Identify and prevent security gaps by enforcing consistent security in a single solution across your traditional, virtualized, and cloud environments.

Trend Micro Deep Security lowers the cost and complexity of identifying and securing workloads and containers, and includes purchase options aligned to the way businesses want to buy.

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