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Infrastructure teams spend too much time struggling with system complexity and maintaining tools. To combat these challenges, system administrators and site reliability engineers needa clear view of infrastructure performance and availability.

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Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is an analytics-driven monitoring solution that combines metrics and logs in one user experience to quickly identify and correct performance issues and root cause. Purpose built visualizations clearly shows alerts, trends and logs, helping you find and fix problems faster. System Administrators and Site Reliability engineers can reduce Mean time to resolution (MTTR) with holistic and entity-level views, triggered alerting, and cross-tier correlations. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure provides data collection and software deployment to hosts in minutes to populate prebuilt visualizations.

By unifying and correlating metrics and logs, Splunk Insights for Infrastructure simplifies the monitoring and observability needs of system administrators and site reliability engineers. Intelligent investigations make spotting trends and finding the root cause of errors faster.

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Interested in learning more?