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Tianrun SmartAI

Sold by: 西云数据 Latest Version: v1.0

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

1. Text-based Chatbot, a text robot
Intelligent robots prioritize customer service, achieve accurate product recommendation, full consultation trajectory analysis, and service-oriented marketing without conflict; rapidly respond to customer needs, specialize marketing products and standardize rhetoric, automatically generate portrait labels for intended customers, and alert online manual seats in real time. When intelligent customer service is unable to answer user questions, the system is automatically transferred to manual customer service.
2. Online customer service system Online customer service system
It supports customer inquiries accessed from different channels such as websites, WeChat, applets, Weibo, and apps. Agents can log in to platform systems such as PCs, apps, and WeChat to provide customers with immediate service and marketing anytime, anywhere. The seat workbench supports unified messaging processing and unified data management.
3. Seat Assistant Agent Assistant
Match the appropriate discourse guidelines according to the agent conversation content, classify customer service scenarios, provide an appropriate knowledge base pre-query, call the appropriate work order template, and collect the corresponding word-slot elements of the work order to automatically fill in the work order content. Features include real-time transcription of conversations, scenario matching suggestions, real-time push of the best answers, and automatic pre-filling of work orders.
4. Work Order System Ticketing System
You can create multiple sets of pre-configured process templates, visualize and drag and drop configurations, and share configurations globally at once.
5. Intelligent Quality Inspection Speech Analytics & Business Intelligence
Dual track recording quality inspection, separation of mixed track speakers. An integrated data source for call trajectory+recording and transcription text. Quality inspection can be carried out according to the length of time, queue, and multi-business combination of departments. Offline quality inspection, real-time quality inspection, and work order quality inspection cover a variety of quality inspection scenarios; customer-side value analysis, early warning of complaints, and statistics of hot words; agent-side compliance quality inspection, and full-rule statistical analysis.
6. Video Customer Service Video Chat Customer Service
It provides multi-channel integration and collaboration, data sharing, high definition and low latency in ubiquitous connectivity scenarios. Full terminal capability support (Android, IOS, Web, Windows, Mac). The server side provides a video recording function to enable the video recording to be transcoded into a video file that is easy to access.
7. Enterprise micro SCRM system WeCOM SCRM system
Based on the WeChat/enterprise WeChat ecosystem customer base, we are building a one-stop “customer life cycle” marketing service platform, which is committed to providing enterprises with omni-channel, full-life cycle customer marketing, customer service and private traffic solutions; creating a digital marketing service platform integrating public domain customer acquisition, customer management, operation transformation, and data analysis.



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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2.0.20220218.3 x86_64

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